Independence Baptist Church is a Fundamental, KJV, Bible preaching Church

 Independence Baptist Church
  124 South Main Street
  Foristell, MO 63348                        636-673-2180

Statement of Faith

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DownloadStreaming The Inspiration of ScriptureDownloadStreaming God
DownloadStreaming Total Depravity
DownloadStreaming The Way of Salvation
DownloadStreaming Justification
DownloadStreaming Freeness of Salvation
DownloadStreaming Grace in Regeneration
DownloadStreaming Repentance and Faith
DownloadStreaming God's purpose of Grace
DownloadStreaming Sanctification
DownloadStreaming Perseverance of the Saints
DownloadStreaming Harmony of the Law and Gospel
DownloadStreaming Local  Church
DownloadStreaming Scriptural Baptism
DownloadStreaming The Lord's Supper
DownloadStreaming The Christian Sabbath
DownloadStreaming Civil Government
DownloadStreaming Of the Righteous and the Wicked
DownloadStreaming Satan
DownloadStreaming Lawsuits Between Believers
DownloadStreaming Human Sexuality
DownloadStreaming Gambling
DownloadStreaming Abortion
DownloadStreaming Creation
DownloadStreaming Divorce and Remarriage
DownloadStreaming Giving to the Poor and NeedyDownloadStreaming Tithes and Offerings
DownloadStreaming The World To Come - 1
DownloadStreaming The World To Come - 2