Perilous times of the last days.

  1. Perilous means “dangerous” hard or difficult times to live in. The word indicates that the end times will be difficult because there will be a tendency of reducing spiritual strength.

  2. Some of the things that make these last days perilous.

  3. People aren’t safe wherever they are. There are numerous shootings at schools all over this nation. In days gone by, a person would be safe in their own home, but that isn’t so anymore. In days gone by, it was unnecessary to lock your home when you left. It was also unnecessary to take the keys to your car with you. But that isn’t so anymore.

  4. All of these terrible things are the result of forgetting God. Lawlessness has increased as more and more people forsake the right way, the way of serving the most high God and turned to following their own thoughts. 

  5. The real thing that makes the last days perilous is that people stop serving God.