II Timothy

  1. Remember.

    1. Your good past and how God has blessed in the past.

      1. II Timothy 1:5-7 – Your grandmother and mother.

      2. Acts 16:1 – Timothy began his ministry with the Apostle Paul.

      3. It is good for us to remember past blessings, which will give us courage to face the challenge we are facing today.

    2. Ashamed.

      1. II Tim. 1:8 – Timothy was ashamed that his mentor, Paul, was in jail.

        1. The enemies of Paul had gotten the upper hand over him.

        2. II Tim. 1:15 – Christians in Asia had also forsaken Paul. Paul had probably won them to the Lord, and organized the churches they worshipped in.

      2. II Tim. 1:12 – Paul wasn’t ashamed he was in jail for the cause of Christ.

      3. II Tim. 1:16 – Onesiphorus wasn’t ashamed of Paul.

      4. II Tim. 2:15 – How to get over being ashamed.

  2. Realize what is hindering you from being faithful.

    1. Unfaithfulness in others will not necessarily hinder us from being faithful.

      1. Unfaithfulness in others hindered Timothy.

      2. Unfaithfulness did not hinder Paul.

      3. We can be faithful to God regardless of what others do.

    2. II Tim. 3:1-7 – Realize there are much more perilous times ahead.

      1. If we don’t fully comprehend the future, and where our hope lies, we will fall aside.

      2. Many won’t hear or care for the truth, but we must remain faithful.

  3. Rise above all hindrances to faithfulness.

    1. If Timothy would remember past blessings, then realize what is hindering him from being faithful, then he will be ready to rise above all hindrances.

      1. Until Timothy got his mind fixed on the problem, he wouldn’t know how to find a solution.

      2. The same thing is true for us.

    2. The method (how to) of resisting discouragement.

      1. II Tim. 3:8 – resist.

      2. II Tim. 3:11 – remember the persecutions others have endured and remained faithful.

      3. II Tim. 3:14 – continue.

  4. Recognize there is hard work and trouble ahead. – II Tim. 4:1-8

    1. Troubles are always hard of this body and mind, but they are coming.

      1. II Tim. 4:14 – Alexander the coppersmith has done much evil.

      2. II Tim. 4:16 – All have forsaken Paul – except God.

    2. Recognize there are faithful people still standing for God’s truth.

      1. II Tim. 4:10 – Crescens and Titus have left Paul alone while they traveled on God’s business.

      2. II Tim. 4:18 – The Lord will deliver and preserve.

      3. II Tim. 4:19-22 – Name the faithful who are still standing. This will help you to not feel alone.