The Necessity of Christ To Our Salvation

John 3:16


1.   Gen. 3:15 - The promise of the Saviour.  Notice that God saw the necessity of a Saviour.  Man did not see that a Saviour was necessary.  (Adam and his wife covered themselves with fig leaves - a symbol of false religion.)


The Fulfillment Of The Promise


1.   Zacharius - Luke 1:69 - Zacharius was not prophesying about his own son, for he is of the tribe of Levi.  This prophecy is of Christ, for he is of the tribe of Judah, like David.  In the birth of his own son, he saw the fulfillment of the prophecy of Christ, in his wife's cousin.

2.   Simon - Luke 2:30 - Simon being led of the Holy Spirit saw more than just another baby, he saw the promised Saviour.  See Isaiah 53:2 - There was nothing about Christ that would indicate that he was any different from anybody else.  No "halo" on his head!  No Charisma about Him that would draw people to him.  No great personality (ability to get along with people).  Actually He did a real good job of making people mad at Him!

3.   Jesus is the only door - John 10:9 - (There are doors to buildings, we use these doors to go into the building.  This is what the doors are put there for.  This is what Christ is there for.  He is the door by which we enter into eternal life.  If somebody sneaks into the building by way of the windows, floor, walls, ceiling, we would call that person a thief or a robber.  They ought to legally go into the building the legal way.  People ought to g et into eternal life through Jesus.)  See Matt. 7:13,14 -  There is only one way into life, but many ways into destruction.  I've heard it said there are many doors at the end of the broad way, one with good works on it, one with "whatever you want to do" on it.  All of these doors lead to destruction.

4.   Acts 4:12 - Jesus is the only name.  The disciples were not called into question concerning their belief in salvation, by these religious people.  They didn't care about being saved. They were interested in how the impotent man was made whole  Peter, being filled with the Holy Spirit, not only told how the impotent man was made whole, but also told how they could be made whole spiritually.

5.   Acts 15:11 - The question of how to be saved is an age old question, and a very confusing one.  There are many denominations that teach many things about salvation. This can rightly cause confusion to the lost person.  He doesn't know if he ought to believe in his heart, do good works, be baptized, join the church, all of the above, or none of the above.  But just as this question is alive today, so it was alive in years gone past.  The question is discussed by these men who had seen Jesus (apostles and elders).  If anybody on the face of the earth should be able to solve this riddle, they should be able.  No one exists on the earth that is better qualified.  They said that all men are saved by grace, through faith.  Rom . 6:23 - Salvation is a gift of God.  Eph. 2:8,9 - Grace and faith is a gift of God.

6.   Rom. 5:9 - Christ blood avails.  We are justified by blood, there is nothing else that will do.