Knowing Why We Are Born

John 3:25-36


Verse 25 – purifying – not just ceremonialism, but spiritual purifying – salvation and holiness in God.  Because of the question they asked.

Verse 26 – Jesus is baptizing – See John 3:22, and 4:1,2 – It seems the followers of John were more concerned about people going to Jesus and not John. – Their ranks were not growing.  I am not of the group who believes that there came a time when John’s baptism lost its power.  Some believe the folks who were baptized in Acts 19 were already saved, and that John baptized them, but that his authority had run out, so their baptism was invalid.

Verse 27 – The foundation of John’s believe as to why he was born.

Verse 28 – John upbraids his followers, reminding them of his teachings, that they should look for Christ, not him.  This is the work of each of us – each preacher – each pastor – look for  Christ, not human, physical leaders.

Verse 29 – First example – Christ will have the bridegroom, I am the friend of the groom.  I can be happy bring the friend of the bridegroom.  So we should be happy in the place God has put us.

Verse 30 – Second example – Giving glory and honor to God is what I want – that is God’s plan for me and my work.  His work is more important than mine.

Verse 31 – Third example – There is a difference in heavenly things and earthly things – Christ is from above, all the rest of us are earthly. 

Verse 32 – Christ tells us what he has seen in heaven with his father.  Earthly people cannot tell those things because we haven’t been there, haven’t seen them, and haven’t heard from the Father.  All we can tell is what we have been told.  There is a lot of difference in the two.  One is taught from experience – the other is taught from teachings.  See also John 5:19.

Verse 33 – Those people that receive the message of Christ knows that he is the one we should worship.  This verse is referring back to verse 26 and the people before John who do not like the fact that John’s ministry is decreasing while the ministry of Christ is increasing.  These folks should get their act together – hear Christ and believe on him.

Verse 34 – God sent Jesus Christ, and he speaks all the truth.  Books are good, but there is no book like the Bible – God’s word to us.  The Spirit was given by measure to Jesus Christ, as he is given to us, because Jesus is God.  All parts of the trinity have all parts of all of the trinity.  Jesus has all the spirit of God, we have part of the spirit of God – the more we study, the more we learn about God, the more we can have.  Two view here – The Calvinists view and the Arminian view.  Calvinists – you get all the Holy Spirit, there is no more.  Arminian – you get Holy Spirit at salvation, but you can lose him if you don’t grow in the Lord.  I don’t believe either one, but a combination of both.

Verse 35 – God has given all things to the Son.  So you need to go with the son and not with any man called by God – don’t follow John the Baptist, or any other preacher – follow God.

Verse 36 – John makes it very clear that salvation comes from the Son, not from men.  Salvation is not by education – it is by inspiration.