John 4:24


I.    Must Worship in Spirit and truth.

A.     Not "spirit" like in a ball game, or bottle.

B.     Pentecostals are said to have great spirit, little truth.  Baptists are said to have little spirit, great truth.

C.     So we don't worship with our feelings, but use our feelings as the Spirit of God moves upon us.

1.       Luke 1:46,47 - An example of true worship – Mary worshipping.  Note that John the Baptist leaped in his mothers womb when he heard about the coming birth of Christ.

a.       Mary worshipped inwardly first, then the emotion came to her flesh.  Mary worshipped in her spirit all the while she was traveling to Elizabeth's house.

b.       Most want to worship with their flesh first, then call that worship.

2.       Elizabeth worshipped only when the heard the words of Mary, announcing the birth of Jesus Christ. 

a.       It was the word of God that allowed both Mary and Elizabeth to worship God. 

b.       Often people try to produce worship by some fleshly means, but that isn’t possible. 

3.       Each of us have three parts – spirit (the inward part, or God-consciousness), soul (refers to the mind, or the emotions, our life) and body (our flesh). 

a.       Proper worship begins in the spirit, travels through the soul and is revealed to the world through the body. 

b.       Many try to produce spirit worship by affecting the body, but that is Satan’s way, not God’s way. 

4.       Proper order - A person worships God in their spirit, then reveals that inward worship in their flesh. 

a.       They then teach another person what they know. 

b.       That second person worships God in the spirit first, then reveals that inward worship in the flesh. 

c.       They then teach a third person, and so on.


II.    Must Worship in Truth.

A.     We don't worship the thing we do, but the things God does and Who He is.

B.     We're not talking about the ways we worship, but who and why we worship.

1.       Ways of worshipping:

a.       Singing, not the voice of the singer, but the Lord they sing about.  Choirs and specials can be good, if they glorify God.

b.       Praying, not the nice prayer, but the God who answers prayers.  Both public and private prayer.

c.       Preaching, not the excellent speech, or speaker, but the God preached about.

d.       Teaching, not the knowledge of the teacher, but the knowledge of the God they teach about.

e.       Bible reading, not that we worship our reading the Bible every day, or completely reading our Bibles every year, but worshipping the God of the Bible.

f.        Looking at the things of nature, and knowing God made it all, not worshipping nature.

g.       Assembling together to worship, not the building we worship in.

h.       Looking to God in times of trouble, not as a fire escape.

C.     Luke 2:25-35 – Simeon worshipped Christ. 

1.       His manner of life. 

a.       He was a just man, a righteous man. 

b.       He was a devout man, or a man who reverenced God. 

c.       He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, or when Israel would draw near to God in repentance and faith, trusting the eternal Saviour. 

d.       The Holy Ghost was upon him. 

1.)    The Holy Spirit indwelt Old Testament believers when they were saved, just as he indwells New Testament saints when they are saved. 

2.)    The passage refers to the constant presence and leadership of God upon Simeon. 

2.       Verse 26 reveals the Holy spirit had told Simeon he would not die until he had seen the Lord’s Christ. 

a.       Note: The Holy Spirit did not reveal to Simeon he would see the return of Israel to Godly holiness. 

b.       The specific revelation concerned Simeon’s seeing Christ before he died. 

3.       Verse 27 – Simeon came into the temple at just the right time! 

a.       This was not by accident, or by the nature of Simeon’s daily work in the temple. 

b.       The Holy Spirit of God lead Simeon into the temple at just the right time. 

c.       Simeon was constantly willing to be submissive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit of God. 

d.       Simeon was simply being submissive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit when he came into the temple. 

4.       Verse 28 – How did Simeon know this particular child, out of all the thousands of babies brought into the temple for the birth sacrifice, was the Christ child? 

a.       I have seen pictures of a halo around the head of Christ, but those pictures are false. 

b.       The Holy Spirit revealed to Simeon that he needed to go into the temple at that particular time, and the Holy Spirit continued with Simeon as he pointed out and revealed to him that this particular child was the promised seed. 

c.       There was nothing about the fleshly body of Christ that made him any different from any of the other babies. 

d.       The Holy Spirit revealed what men could not see. 

D.     Luke 2:37-38 – Anna worshipped Christ. 

1.       Here is another devout person who dedicated herself to God and to his ways. 

2.       She was 84 years old and had served God after her husband of seven years died. 

a.       When her husband died, she did not become bitter and rebel against God, but submitted herself to him. 

b.       It is doubtful she understood why her husband was taken, and we certainly don’t know, but we do know she turned to the Lord, yielding herself to his gentle leadership, and became active in daily devotions and work in the temple. 

3.       When she saw Simeon worshipping God because he understood the Christ child was present, she took his word for it, and worshipped God herself. 

4.       It was Anna that spread the word about the Christ child being in the temple. 

a.       On this earth, we will never know how many people believed her, but that is really unimportant for now. 

b.       What is important is that she spread the word of God as God revealed it to her.