True Worship

John 4:24 - God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.


Worship in Truth

I.        II Tim. 3:16 - 4:4 - In the last days, people shall turn from the truth.  Truth is doctrine.  People today say, “I don’t want doctrine.”

A.     Many Bibles, but little truth.  Truth has been taken out of all these new Bibles.

B.     Many religious organizations organized, not called church, but “centers.” They believe “organized religion” has stifled the truth in favor of their particular denominational flavor.

1.       These people are looking for new ways to worship that fits the personal desires of individuals.

a.       They are not particularity interested in whether God is pleased or not.

b.       If people leave the place of worship feeling as if they had worshipped, does that mean God is pleased with their “worship”?


2.       There are difference “styles” and “ways” to worship, and just because a group worshipped opposite from us does not mean they have not worshipped.

a.       God is not looking for stained glass windows to find a church.

b.       God is not looking for a lovely choir to find a church.


A recent visitor to our services told of his church, which must have two services.  Does this church worship successfully?

IBC might be feeling that if we do not have day services during a meeting that somehow we are letting down in worship.

d.       Do you understand the trap we have fallen into?

e.       In former days, churches had “protracted meetings”, which often lasted two or three weeks.  Is that how we should hold meetings?

3.       The measure of the success of the “church” of often found in the size of the congregation.  How do we measure the success of our church?

a.       Larger church – greater success.

b.       Smaller church – lack of success.

4.       What things should a church do in order to attract people to the services?

a.       Many churches are going to traditional/contemporary services. This is nothing but an appeal to the flesh.

b.       I talked to a man whose church went to two services: one traditional, the other contemporary.  Their church leaders (of which he belonged) did all the research programs to see what people wanted and this is what they wanted, therefore they initiated the traditional/contemporary services.  Funny thing, before I stopped speaking to the individual, I asked him how old he was when he was saved.  He looked at me sorta funny, then confessed, he did not know if he had ever been saved or not.  Here is a man who is making decisions in a “church” about their worship, and he did not know if he had ever been saved.  Is this typical of today’s “modern” worship?

C.     Work at understanding Bible truths, like you work at other things you want to accomplish.

II.     John 18:38 – Pilate asked Christ, “What is truth?”  He never found out, because he did not search for truth.  We should search the scriptures for truth, there is where we will find truth.

A.     Romans 1:25 – Unbelievers have changed the truth of God into a lie.

B.     II Corinthians 11:14 – Satan has transformed himself into an angel of light.

III.   Every service should be a Special Service, don’t wait until “Revival” comes to be revived.

A.     Success of a meeting is not judged by number of attendants, or the number of converts, but whether God is worshipped or not.

B.     A measure of how much you worshipped during services is reflected in how quickly your turn from that worship to other things.


Worship in Spirit

I.        Awaken the conscience to holiness of God.

A.     Psalms 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God.

B.     Romans 12:1-2 – Present your body a living sacrifice and you be transformed by the renewing of your mind, proving what is that good, acceptable and perfect will of God.

C.     To busy to worship, you are to busy.

II.     Feed the mind on the truth of God.

A.     In your car, listen to gospel singing, or messages on tape.  Get a tape player for your car! And use it!

1.       Use your time and money to purchase eternal things, or things that are of eternal benefit.

a.       I was thinking of some tapes (Bible and Science by Henry Morris) I purchased from Bible Baptist Church back in 1975 or so.

b.       I listened to those tapes over and over again, until I knew what Brother Henry would say next.

c.       I am not sure where those tapes are now, but one of them got lost when Brother Gareld Bilyew wrecked his orange pickup.

d.       I lost at least one of those tapes, but I still have the knowledge gained by those messages.

e.       That is what really counts.

2.       Today, there are too many things that occupy our minds that we are in the habit of using.

3.       Does the TV stay on in your home, simply because you want the noise?  Is it too quiet in your home without the TV or radio on?

4.       Think of how it used to be when people had time to think about God.

B.     II Tim. 2:15 – Study to show thyself approved of God.

1.       Some might believe this is for preachers, and it is.

2.       It is also for every believer.

3.       The problem with local churches today is that individual church members do not know the Word of God as they should.

4.       They depend on the preacher to preach the truth to them, but they only know the truth when it is phrased the way their preacher phrases it.

C.     What you put into your mind will become you.

1.       People are busy with a lot of things today.

2.       Many things occupy our minds.

3.       fishing, boating, camping, car racing, work.

4.       People occupied with sports, even “Junkyard Wars.”

D.     Mrs. Annie told me one time she regretted all the time she spent reading books that weren’t the Bible, or even remotely connected with the Bible.

III.   Open the heart to the love of God.

A.     II Tim. 1:6 – Stir up the gift of God that is within you.

B.     Close your heart to the hatred of Satan and to thinking about bad things.

IV.  Devote the will to the purpose of God.

A.     I Cor. 10:31 – Whatever we do, do all to the glory of God.