Witnesses of Jesus Christ

John 5:31-47




Deut. 17:2-7 - The specifications for stoning a person who teaches false doctrine.  In John 5:16 and verse 18 the Jews seek to kill Christ because he had broken the Sabbath day (in their reckoning, at least) and because he said that God was His Father, thus making himself equal with God.  In their minds, they are the witnesses who will cast the first stone, then everybody else would follow.  They were wrong, however. 


John 5:31 - The reason Christ mentioned witnesses is because of the passage in Deut. 17:2-7.  Christ declares there are three witness that declare Him to be true.


I.    Verse 33-35 - Witness of John the Baptist.

A.  John 1:15 - John came to bear witness of the light (Jesus Christ).

B.   John 1:19-28 - The Pharisees didn't know who John the Baptist was.

C.   John 1:29-34 - John the Baptist pointed Christ out to all the people there.


II.   Verse 36 - Witness of the miracles. (This is a greater witness than John the Baptist.)

A.  John 3:1 - Nicodemus knew that Jesus was from God, but he didn't know He was the Christ.

B.   John 10:24 - Even after Jesus told the Pharisees who He was, they wouldn't believe.

1.      John 10:25 - The works that Jesus did in the name of his Father, bear witness of Him.

2.      John 9:29-34 - The man born blind explains who Christ is to the unbelieving Jews.


III. Verse 37 - Witness of God the Father.

A.  John 8:18 - Christ bears witness of Himself, and the Father, who sent Jesus, also bears witness of Him.

1.   Matt. 3:16,17 - God was present at the baptism of  Christ.

2.   In John 5:37, Jesus declares that the Pharisees hadn't heard His voice at any time.

a.   They either weren't there.

b.   The voice of God wasn't a natural voice that could be heard.

c.   His voice couldn't be heard by those wanting "natural" proof.

B.    John 5:38 - The didn't have the word of God in them because they didn't believe John the Baptist.

1.      Verse 39 - Witness of Holy Scriptures.

2.      Search the scriptures - but without Holy Spirit revealing, there will be no spiritual understanding.

3.      When the scripture is set aside, God (Jesus Christ) cannot be known.

4.      Search the scripture.

a.      Search is a hunting term.

b.      As a hunter looks for tracks to find the animal, so a person should search the scriptures to find Christ.

4.      John 18:23 - When the Jews asked Christ of his doctrine, then one of the soldiers hit him, Jesus asked him for what evil word he had been hit.

5.      Verse 40 - They would not come to Jesus Christ, submitting themselves unto Him.

6.      Verse 42 - They have not the love of God in them.

7.      Verse 47 - They believe not the writings of Moses, which speak of Christ, so how shall they believe the Words of Christ.


IV. Witnesses against the Jews.

A.    Matthew 3:5-12 - John the Baptist will testify before the heavenly tribunal that he told the Jews they needed a righteousness greater than they had, but they rejected his testimony.

B.    John 14:11 - The miracles of Christ also will witness against the Jews.

C.    John 5:45 - Moses will be a witness against the Jews because they didn’t believe what He wrote.  See verse 39, where Christ explains that the Scriptures speak of Him, not just doing a bunch of things.

D.    The Father will witness against the Jews because:

1.      He was a witness that Christ was His only begotten son.

2.      He gave all the words to Moses to write.

3.      He gave Christ the power to do miracles.

4.      He was present at the baptism of Jesus, and spoke, but the Jews rejected.


1.      P. S.           Verse 23 is not a contradiction against verse 41.  Christ would not receive honor from men, as a man.  Christ will receive honor from men as God.  Honor is properly always given to God the Father.  It is God the Father who gives out all honor.  We should not delight in receiving honor from men.  They will then stab you in the back.  Receive honor only from God.  People should give honor to God for you, then God will give you the right amount of honor, and there won’t be any pride on your part.  God will receive all the glory and honor and we will all be right.