We Would See Jesus

John 12:21


I.    Note the context of the passage.

A.     John 12:1 – It was 6 days before the Passover when Jesus was anointed by Mary with spikenard – a costly ointment.

B.     John 12:9 – Many people were there to see Jesus, plus seeing Lazarus, whom the Pharisees determined to kill along with Jesus.

C.     John 12:12 – Five days before the Passover, many people were gathered together when Christ made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. 

D.     John 12:19 – The Pharisees said among themselves that they could not stop the “popularity” of Christ, and it seems they determined to continue in their efforts to kill him.

E.      John 12:20 – Now there are some Greeks coming to see Christ.

1.      They come into Jerusalem – into the nation of Israel.

2.      The Jews would not accept Greeks, but God would.

F.      All the popularity of Christ lead people to believe something big was about to happen.

1.      See the thoughts of the Pharisees.

2.      See the anointing of the feet of Christ by Mary.

3.      See the coming of the Greeks to Christ.

4.      See John 12:28 – the voice from heaven for the sake of the people.

5.      See John 12:34 – What is this lifting up?

6.      John 12:36 – Jesus hid from the people.  (left Jerusalem and went to Bethany – probably hid in the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.) 

7.      John 12:37 – Many still did not believe on him.


II.    John 12:44 – Believing on Jesus is believing on God because Jesus is God.

A.     Exactly where this crying of Christ took place is not mentioned in this book, but he cried in the midst of a multitude of people. 

1.      I believe John 12:36 does not mean that Christ hid his body from the people, but that he retired to Bethany each evening to rest.

2.      I believe John 12:37-43 explains two things that had been happening.

a.       Verse 37-41 – Jesus gave many parables to fulfill the scripture.

b.      Verse 42-43 – the reaction of the Pharisees.

B.     I believe Jesus cried in Jerusalem before all the people, openly proclaiming his gospel and how people ought to believe in Christ.

1.      Christ did not save these people against their will, but will proclaim to them the gospel truth, and allow them to “decide” for themselves.

2.      The exact same thing is true today.

3.      Christ will not force anybody to be saved, but we must proclaim the gospel, and let people “decide” for themselves. 


III.    We will be judged by the word of God.

A.     Jesus has given us his word so we will know what is expected of us.

B.     Jesus has given us his word so we will know what we are going to be judged by.

C.     This is why Satan is doing all he can to destroy the holy Word of God.