Be real

John 13:35 - By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. 


Refer to the little book on “What to look for in a church”. 

What not to look for:

1.       Friendliness

2.       Support and Encouragement

3.       Eloquence, Enthusiastic, Entertaining, Charismatic Speakers...

4.      Fun, Games, Recreation, Entertainment

5.       Preaching that doesn’t require you to change...

What to look for:

1.       The Truth About The Bible

2.       The Truth About Jesus Christ

3.       The Truth Concerning the Gospel

4.       The Truth of Baptism

5.       The Truth of Faithfulness

6.       The Truth Concerning Separation From Worldliness


Tell the story of the praying mother.  Joe, Arroll Harris, and sister – Ethel, or something like that.


Doctrinal soundness is not what the world or God is looking for.

  1. Revelation 2:1-6 – the church at Ephesus. 
  2. The Sermon on the Mount is about being real.

a.                   The “beatitudes”.

b.                   Matthew 5:13-16 –Believers are the salt and light of the world.

c.                   Matthew 5:19 – Do not break the least commandment.

d.                   Matthew 5:21-26 – If you are angry, you cannot worship me.

e.                   Matthew 5:27-30 – Sexual sins is in the heart, not just in the body.

f.                    Matthew 5:33-37 – You cannot control anything, so don’t act like you can.

g.                   Matthew 5:38-42 – Your hold on material things is revealed by how much you willingly give away, if asked.

h.                   Matthew 5:43-48 – True love is seen by our actions to our enemies, not our friends.

i.                     Matthew 6:1-4 – Give your alms to me, not to be seen of men.

j.                     Matthew 6:5-15 – Pray to me, not to be seen of men.

k.                   Matthew 6:16-18 – Fast to me, not to be seen of men.

l.                     Matthew 6:19-34 – Live as you believe – that I can and will take care of you.

  1. I am told the root word for actor and hypocrite is the same.
  2. When our parents told us to do it and like it – they were giving us scripture! 


Pray, because you know you have nowhere else to turn. – Luke 11:8 – importunity.  See verse 1 – It must have been that the praying of John made an impression on the disciples, as they wanted to be able to pray like John. 


James 4:2 - Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.  We should spend more time asking (praying) and less time trying to figure out how to make it happen.  Even Jesus prayed all night before he chose the 12 apostles, Luke 6:12.