What is truth?

John 18:18


I was going to list God first, but the only way to find out about God is from the Bible.  Therefore, the Bible comes first.


Truth doesn't change.  Falsehoods (lies) always change.  Police go over and over a story looking for changes.  That is where the lie is.  When the experts of this land change what they say according to circumstances, they are lying (not telling the truth).


John 8:32 - "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."  Some folks are very good at pretending they really want the truth, but in reality, deep within, they do not.  Truth has a way of shattering a lifetime belief of religious error and many are not about to give in and admit they have been deceived by their religious teachers, and even by sincere loved ones.  Some people are not willing to admit their own errors or the errors of those they love.  (A wicked child or grandchild, father, mother, grandparents, etc.)  This is one of the major reasons so much sin is being accepted today.  They are not willing to pay the price in this life.  They will have to "pay it" in eternity. 


I.    Bible:  John 17:17 - Thy word is truth.

A.  Teaches us the truth about salvation.

1.   II Tim. 3:15 - Timothy as a child.

2.   Eph. 2:13 - heard the word of truth and was saved.

3.   James 1:18 - Begotten with the word of truth.

B.   Teaches us how to live.

1.   Ps. 119:105 - The word is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path.


II.  God:


III. Church:

I Tim. 3:15 - know how to behave thyself in the church of God, which is the pillar and  ground of the truth.