Behold, the man!

John 19:1-5


I.       This was prophesied.

A.    Matt. 20:17-19  (Mark 10:32-34, Luke 18:31-34) 

B.    It was unjust to put one to death who had done so much good, therefore the Jews were willing to save themselves from reproach. Many fear the scandal of an ill thing, more than the sin of it. Christ had said he should be delivered to the Gentiles, and they should put him to death; hereby that saying was fulfilled. He had said that he should be crucified, lifted up. If the Jews had judged him by their law, he had been stoned; crucifying never was used among the Jews. It is determined concerning us, though not discovered to us, what death we shall die: this should free us from disquiet about that matter. Lord, what, when, and how, thou hast appointed.[1]

C.    The above explains verse 30, “They answered and said unto him, If he were not a malefactor, we would not have delivered him up unto thee.”

1.      The Jews would not kill Christ themselves because they would be unable to eat the Passover, verse 28.

2.      Christ would be delivered to the Gentiles who would do the dirty work of the Jews.

3.      It is good that understand that the Jews condemned Christ and the Gentiles executed Him.

a.      Christ died for the sins of the entire world, both Jew and Gentile.

b.      Everyone is guilty of the death of Christ just like everyone is guilty of being a sinner.

c.      Redemption is for all.


II.    The things the Gentiles did.

A.    Scourge -Definition.

1.      SCOURGE - A severe form of corporal punishment involving whipping and beating, usually was done with the victim tied to a post or bench and administered by a servant of the synagogue (if for religious reasons), or by a slave or soldier. John 19:1 uses this word for the beating given Jesus before His crucifixion. Matthew and Mark use a word meaning "flog" (a lesser punishment), while Luke says that Pilate offered to have Jesus "chastise[d]" (23:16), which was a still lighter punishment. The number of blows was set in Deuteronomy 25:3 at forty, but later reduced to thirty-nine. There were to be thirteen stokes on the chest and twenty-six on the back. Often the victim died from the beating.

2.      The scourge was what we would call a “cat of nine tails”.  Each “tail” had a small sharp stone, or a sharp piece of glass, which would cut the victim, usually digging out a small piece of flesh.

3.      If there were 39 lashes, this would be 39 times 9 = 351 pieces of flesh removed.

4.      This would amount to one piece of flesh removed for approximately every square inch of flesh.

5.      Each of these would be bleeding, as Christ poured out His blood for our sinfulness.

B.    Platted a crown of thorns.

1.      Platted means to weave.

2.      A king would soon learn to despise this crown.

C.    Purple robe.

1.      The symbol of royalty, in their mocking.

2.      They didn’t believe He was a king, but that didn’t make Him not a king.

D.    Smote.

1.      To hit with the palm of the hand.

2.      To strike a king was to put yourself in danger of being killed by that king.

3.      If a king didn’t lower his scepter to you, his guards would automatically kill you.

E.     All the things the Gentiles did because they didn’t recognize Christ as king.

1.      They scourged him because they didn’t believe he was a king.  You don’t scourge a king and get away with it.  The king’s servants are very ready and willing to kill you before you ever get started.

2.      They placed the crown of thorns on Christ as a mockery toward His real crown.

3.      They placed the purple robe in mockery because they really didn’t care if it got blood on it.  They didn’t believe he was a king anyway.

4.      They said, “Hail, king of the Jews” as mockery.

5.      They smote Him because they really didn’t believe there would be any retribution.


III.  This is the person the Jews looked upon.

A.    They didn’t realize they were looking upon God, or the King of Kings.

B.    Numbers 21:7-9 - When the Israelites looked upon the brazen serpent, they would live.

1.      They had to look with the eye of repentance, realizing their own sins had caused this condemnation of death.

2.      They had to look with the eye of hope, realizing that only Christ could forgive and heal them.


IV. Every person will accept Jesus Christ as king some day.

A.    The saved will realize their sinfulness and trust Christ during their lifetime.

B.    The lost will bow their knee at the Great White Throne Judgment.

1.      Philippians 2:10,11 - Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. (Even Satan!)

2.      Rev. 20:11 - There was found no place for the lost to hide from the face of God so they can escape the final judgment.

[1] Matthew Henry condensed notes, Quick Verse for Windows, version 4.0e.  Copyright 1992-1996 Parsons Technology.  Notes on John 18:28-32.