Mary Stood

John 19:20


Her standing means more than simply standing on two feet.  It means she was abiding, established, making a covenant with the things going on.  She was standing with sureness of heart, not weeping uncontrollably.  The faith she had gained during a lifetime of service to God would sustain her during this terrible time.


1.   Luke 1:26-38 - Mary is submissive to God's commands.

a.   Luke 1:36, - Mary was with Elizabeth and came back pregnant.

b.   Luke 1:56 - She was gone three months.


2.   Matt. 1:18, 19 - Joseph finding out Mary is expecting.

a.   Told by Mary - honesty - I believe she told him.

b.   Danger of being put away for the cause of Christ.  (losing what she loved.)


3.   Luke 2:5,7 - Going to Bethlehem.

a.   To be taxed (obedient to government commands.)

b.   Great with child - physical discomfort - putting her life into God's hands.


4.   Luke 2:8-20 - Visited by shepherds at birth.

a.   Verse 17 - Many things told about Christ.

b.   Verse 19 - Mary kept in heart.


5.   Luke 2:21-24 compared to Lev. 12:8.  The sacrifice given for Christ.

a.   The sacrifice was for poor people because Joseph and Mary didn't have the money for a lamb.

b.   Matt. 2:11 - The visit by the wise men and the giving of the gifts.

c.   They needed the money to travel to Egypt, not for the sacrifice.

d.   The point is to notice that God worked things out so Joseph and Mary would continually trust God for provision, and not look at the things before them.


6.   Luke 2:33 - Joseph and Mary marveled at the sayings of Simeon.


7.   Luke 2:51 - Jesus left behind in Jerusalem.  Mary pondering the sayings of Christ in her heart.


8.   Luke 11:27,28 - People trying to worship Mary, but Jesus wouldn't allow it.


9.   Matt. 12:46-50 - The obedient are the mother, brother and sister of Christ.  A denial of family relationships for the gaining of many others in the family of God.