John 4:26 - Jesus didn’t ask the woman at the well to believe on Him.  He simply told her who He was.

John 4:39-42 - The people the woman at the well talked to were not told to believe, but were told who Jesus was.  They said they believed, not because of the testimony of the woman, but because they heard Christ Himself.

Luke 19:1-10 - Zacchaeus wasn’t told to believe. He proclaimed his belief in Christ by stating his intended actions.  Then Jesus said he was saved.  Zacchaeus never said he was saved.

Matthew 3:1-6 - John the Baptist preached.

Verse 3 - Prepare ye the way of the Lord.

Verse 6 - Baptized because of confession - in actions, more than  in word.

Matthew 4:17 - Jesus preached - repent (belief is always implied in repentance) - the kingdom of God is at hand.

John 10:38 - Cannot believe in Jesus - believe the works He does so you can believe His is the Christ.  (This is what the woman at the well did!)  and the people she talked to, and Zacchaeus.

John 20:30,31 - The works of Christ are written in the Bible so anybody who reads the works will know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing they might have life through His name

John 11:15 - Christ wants Mary and Martha to believe, yet they are already saved.  He will show them works so they can believe.  The subject is the resurrection. Note: a person can be saved (at this time) without believing (understanding) the resurrection.  See John 20:9.

John 6:26 - Seeking Jesus to see miracles or for a fleshly partaking of thrills that you know will happen is not salvation or right.

John 12:11 - Many believed on Jesus because of Lazarus.  He gave testimony, not only by being alive, but also by word that Jesus the Christ, the Son of God.

John 7:37,38 - Jesus cried for people to believe in Him, to come to Him.

John 4:39-42 - The people the woman at the well spoke to believed, when she spoke to them, but their believing was different when the Lord came to them.  This might be what we have in our church.  Many believe because of our sayings, but we need Christ to come to them, so they will believe at His sayings.  This is a personal testimony that Christ knows us, not that we know somebody that Christ knows, or that we now somebody that knows Christ.


Knowing the power of God, yet refusing to believe in God and trust Him to save us.

The example is when Christ healed the man with the withered hand.  The Pharisees “set up” Christ.

1.      Matthew 12:9-21 - Christ healed the man with the withered hand on the Sabbath days.

2.      Mark 3:1-6 - Christ healed the man with the withered hand.

3.      Luke 6:6-11 - Christ healed the man with the withered hand.

All of these examples show the works of Christ in performing this miracle.  The Pharisees knew Christ could heal and it appears they set this man in the middle of the temple, in plain view, so Christ would see him.  They knew Christ was full of compassion, and that He would probably heal him, because Christ healed everybody that asked. I get this idea from Luke 6:6,7 and Mark 3:1,2.  It is amazing that the Pharisees knew Christ was full of compassion, that he would heal, but they refused to believe He was the Christ.

This shows us that simply seeing a miracle, or hearing an excellent sermon isn’t enough to save.  It takes the power of God.  Before a person will ever come to Christ, desiring that He save them, they must first realize they are in need of salvation.  They must realize they are lost, and eternally doomed to an eternal hell.  How can they know they are lost?  This is what the law is for. Those people who determine to do away with the law don’t understand what the law is for.  The law is not to make us physically able to come to Christ, it is to cause us to realize we can’t come except there is a higher power on us.  This is what Christ explained to the rich young ruler, Matthew 19:16-26.

Matthew 9:6, Mark 2:10, and Luke 5:24 all state the exact same thing.  Christ healed the sick, which was a thing everybody could see, so they would know He had the power to forgive sins, which they couldn’t see.  Christ had the power to give eternal life, which they couldn’t see. In order to prove He could give eternal life, Christ physically healed people, which they could see.

Who can be saved?  All things are possible with God

Matthew 19:25-26 - Mark 10:25-27 - Luke 18:26-27


Some things happen only by prayer and fasting.

Matthew 17:21 - Mark 9:29 - The demons could be cast out only by Christ, not by the disciples.  When they asked, Christ told them some demons are cast out only by prayer and fasting. This is what we ought to do more of!


How many people did God elect to hell?  NONE!! - therefore we ought to preach the gospel like everybody is predestinated to heaven, and all they have to be to be saved is to hear the blessed gospel of Christ.