Confusion concerning Jesus

"Religious Confusion"


1.         John 1:19 - There was confusion about who John the Baptist was.


2.         John 1:36 - John the Baptist pointing out who Jesus Christ is.


3.   John 2:11 - Jesus turned water into wine to show who He was.  Notice there wasn't anybody, except His disciples who believed because of this miracle.  The miracle only confirmed what they already knew.  This principle will follow through in all of Christs' miracles.  Those miracles do not convince anybody that He is the Christ, except those that already believe.  Those people that refuse to believe by faith, also refuse to believe the miracles.


4.   John 3:1 - Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews is confused about who Christ is.


5.   John 4:26 - Jesus revealed Himself to the woman at the well.  She immediately told others of her encounter.  Verse 41,42 - Many more believed on Christ because of her word.  They believed without a miracle, or completely understanding the relationship between the Messiah and the Christ.


6.   John 5:16 - After Jesus had healed the impotent man the Jews sought to kill Him, because the miracle had been done on the Sabbath day.


7.   John 5:17, 18 - When Jesus identified Himself with God the Father, the Jews sought the more to kill Him.


8.   John 7:12 - Some said Jesus is a good man, others said he was a deceiver.


9.   John 7:19,20 - Jesus asked the people why they sought to kill Him, but they denied it.


10.  John 7:27 - Christ means the anointed one, the Messiah.  The people believed that Messiah's genealogy would not be known!!  The truth is that the old Testament prophets constantly spoke about the coming Messiah, declaring not only where he would be born, but also to which family of Israel he would be born to!  These things were completely missed by the "learned elite" of the day.  See John 6:42 - for more detail of the misunderstanding concerning the genealogy of Christ.


11.  Verse 31 - Even after Jesus told them exactly who He was, they didn't hear, and continued in their misunderstood ideas.  Doesn't this sound a lot of us today?


12.  John 7:40-43 - Some people believing that Jesus was that prophet, others with Scriptural understanding tried to give understanding, but the division continued.


13.  John 7:52,53 - When the Pharisees said, "Search and look..."  they forgot that Jesus had earlier declared, "Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life..."


14.  John 8:1-11 - The story of the woman taken in adultery.  This story proves that Jesus was a strong force in the community, but many in power didn't believe in him.


15.  Verse 32,33, 41 - These "believing" Jews were never convinced of their sinfulness.  They considered themselves sinless pilgrims, on the way to heaven because they were Jews.  When Jesus spoke to them in spiritual terms, they understood only in physical terms, because their understanding was darkened.  See verse 27.  Compare verse 25 to verse 12.


16.  John 9:16 - Jesus healed the blind man on the Sabbath and caused even more confusion among the people.  They couldn't understand how Jesus could be the Messiah and perform miracles on the sabbath, breaking all the Pharisee rules.  John 8:17 - The difference between the Pharisee rules and God's laws.  Verse 22 - The threat to the people to be excluded from the synagogue if any confessed that Jesus was the Christ, Messiah.  Verse 28, Moses disciples (they are late)! Those people who believe the Lord's church started on the Day of Pentecost are also late!  The parents love for their child isn't as great as their love for staying in the synagogue.  They will do anything to stay in a false religion.  Compare to 12:37-43 (42-43).


17.  Verse 34-38 - The blind man that was healed is cast out of the synagogue, but Jesus finds him and saves him!


18.  John 11:47-54 - Concerning the resurrection of Lazarus, the Jews now counsel publicly to put Jesus to death, therefore Jesus walks no more openly.  Verse 57 - The Jews openly spread the word. (Put out "wanted posters"!)


19.  John 12:10,11 - The Jews consulted together to kill Lazarus!  And all he had done was come back from the dead!


20.  John 12:34 - The people asking, "Who is this son of man?"


21.  Signs that Jesus is the Christ.

1.   The sign over his cross.

2.   His bearing on the cross.

3.   The darkness at noon.

4.   The witness of the saved thief.

5.   The witness of the guard.

6.   The witness of the earthquake.

7.   The witness of those that were also raised from the dead.

8.   The witness of the soldiers guarding the tomb.

9.   The witness of the Jews who bribed the soldiers.

10.  The witness of the believers.