Confusion About Christ

John 1:18,19

The whole controversy concerning Jesus was: Is He the Son of God or not?


            If Jesus is the Christ, then these people must drop their religious facade, leave all their past lives behind, and trust Christ.  The same is true today.  If Jesus is the Christ, then every lost person must drop all their religious pretence and trust the living God, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


I.    John 1:19 - Jesus caused quite a stir when He began His personal ministry.  Jesus dealt with the common people, one by one, leaving the "reaching of the multitudes" to others.  Christs' ministry was much more successful than others because He dealt with individual, and didn't try to "save everybody at once" in some "area-wide evangelistic crusade."  It was this "grass-roots" ministry that made Christ so successful.  He appealed to the common person, not necessarily to the "politicians" who were in control of the religion.

A.  John said Christ was before him, and greater than him.  This didn't impress the religious leaders, but it did impress the individual involved.  See the latter part of John 1, Nathanael believed in Christ.

B.   John 1:11 - The first miracle was turning the water into wine.  This confused many concerning who Christ was.

C.   John 3 - Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews was much concerned about this great teacher who did miracles, claiming to be from God.  When he was saved, he still didn't come out in the open because he was afraid of losing his position in the temple.

D.  John 4 - It was told that Christ baptized more disciples than John the Baptist.  In spite of that fact, Jesus continued dealing with individuals instead of carrying on the large religious campaigns so popular today.  Billy Sunday, Billy Graham, so forth.

E.   John 5:16 - The Jews seek to kill Jesus, because He had, in their view, broken the sabbath day laws in healing the impotent man.  In verse 17, Jesus compared Himself with God, the Father, therefore the Jews sought the more to kill Him.

1.   John 5:39 - Jesus told these unbelieving religious zealots to search the scriptures, but they weren't able to find eternal life, because they rejected Jesus who is the Word.  They were hanging onto the book that contained eternal life without hanging onto the book of life.

F.   John 6 - Jesus had a discussion with some lost disciples about why they were following Him.

1.   Verse 42 - They do not understand that He is the Son of God, but believe He is the son of Joseph.

2.   Verse 47-58 - When Jesus explained that the manna was a symbol of the eternal bread of eternal life, the lost disciples declared (verse 60) that this is a hard saying, and who can hear it.

3.   Verse 66 - Many of the lost disciples left Christ and followed Him no more.

4.   Verse 67-69 - Only those who truly know He is the Son of God stay with Him.


II.   Divisions among the people.

A.  John 7:12 - There was much murmuring among the people.

1.   Verse 31 - many of the people believed on him, but they were confused about who Christ was.

2.   Verse 27 - The knew where Jesus came from (6:42 - they thought he was the son of Joseph), but they believed Christ (the Messiah) would come "out of nowhere."

3.   Verse 40-43 - Some believed Jesus was that prophet, others didn't believe because they knew Jesus was from Galilee, and Christ was supposed to be from Bethlehem, the city where David was.