Proverbs 16:7

"When a man's ways please the Lord,

he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him."

Will of Purpose: These are the things God has purposed in His own heart and we will do them. Example: Jonah preached at Ninevah even though he wasn't willing. God made him willing by chastising him.

Will of Command: These are things God desires us to do but we have a "choice" as to obey or not. Whichever decision we make.

1. God has already anticipated and has all circumstances ready.

2. I Thess. 4:3 - We will be sanctified by chastisement or blessings.

  1. Example: Lot - God didn't command Lot to go to Sodom and Gomorrah, he went of his own free will. Lot was sanctified by chastisement, not by blessings.

  2. Look at our text. God will either cause our enemies to be at peace with us, or may allow our enemies to be used of Him to chastise us, and bring us back to Him.

We can never get away from our human responsibility. If we serve God, He will bless us. If we serve ourselves, He will judge us accordingly.

II Kings 11:9-13 - Solomon disobeyed God and will face the consequences.

1. An old buried grudge restored. I Kings 11:14-17 - (II Sam. 8:14) about 48 years before. God had prepared Hadad while David was yet alive!! Hadad was a little child when he left Israel going to Egypt for safety. Verse 14 says God stirred him up. Verse 22 shows us that Hadad had no discomforts in Egypt or any reason to go to Israel, at least that he knew of -- God stirred him up.

2. I Kings 11:23-25 - God stirred up Rezon. He was also prepared while David yet lived!! II Sam. 10:1-19 - Who would ever believe that an event that happened so long ago would be used of God to stir up an adversity against Solomon?

3. I Kings 11:26 - Jeroboam the son of one of Solomon's servants rebelled against Solomon.

a. Note I Kings 10:8, the servants are said to be happy.

b. I Kings 11:27-40 - God stirred up Jeroboam.

c. There was no other reason for Jeroboam being against Solomon.

Some Examples to Follow

1. The example of Solomon - You can go out of the will of God and God turn completely away from you.

2. The example of Esther - You can go out of the will of God and God bless you when you turn from your wickedness and call on Him.

God is always with us

1. Heb. 12:5-11 - God is with us in chastisement.

2. James 1:2, I Cor. 10:13 - God is with us in temptations

3. Heb. 13:5,6 - The Lord is always with us. He is manifested to us more when we are in the center of His will.

4. Eph. 5:17 - the only way we can understand the will of God is when He gives us peace. The peace of God will come by the Word of God, not feelings.

5. Matt. 9:38 - God said pray for laborers. If we don't pray, will God send them??